Analysis of “Should Abortion Be Legal?”

Analysis of “Should Abortion Be Legal?”
“Abortion is the deliberate termination of a pregnancy by the removal or expulsion from the uterus of a fetus or embryo before viability.” In the article “Should Abortion Be Illegal?” by Mr. Bob Johnson, the author is asking if abortion should be made legal. This article covers almost all aspects of why a woman would choose to have an abortion, such as for the convenience of the mother, rape or incest, and medical reasons. I firmly believe in choosing life- no matter the circumstance. The author of this article does not make it clear what his firm stance is. He presents himself in his article is in such a way that he seems to take it in a case-by-case manner. Due to the position in which Johnson stands on the topic of abortion, I cannot fully disagree or agree with all that he says; there are points he makes I agree with and points and I do not.
From the moment the sperm meets the egg, a miracle happens and a child is formed. This then forms a zygote which is human life. A baby is a human being from the very beginning, not later in a matter weeks, but rather as soon as egg meets the sperm. Johnson mentions in his article that the baby is a separate human being from the mother, a very true and

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fascinating fact. As stated before, an abortion is the deliberate termination of a pregnancy therefore, it is the deliberate termination of a human life. If every woman has the right to do to
her own body as she pleases, then terminating a pregnancy is taking that right away from the baby; seeing as the baby is a separate being entirely from the mother, he or she is entitled to the same right.
In some cases, although rare due to the advances in medicine, a medical emergency can present itself in such a way to leave the mother, doctor, and family to decide to terminate the pregnancy to save the mother. In cases such as these, Johnson leaves it up to the mother, doctor and family to decide what is best because he thinks it is a personal matter. I think that a medical professional faced with a life or death situation of his or her patient due to the patients’ pregnancy should do whatever it takes to save both lives. It is understandable that situations like these are difficult and troublesome; however, I believe that a doctor should not neglect one life to save another, but instead try to save both.
In the case of rape or incest the majority of women do not want to keep their baby as he or she would be a reminder of the incredibly horrible event that happened to that woman. Johnson also leaves the decision up to the mother to abort or not in this situation because he says it is a personal matter. If a woman is not interested in keeping her child, there are several other alternative solutions that give the baby life and hope. Some women say they would not be able to look at the product of their rape or incest, thus wanting an abortion. Adoption, for example, gives the child the gift of life without the birth mother having to contribute. Rape and incest are extremely difficult experiences to heal from, and some never do; however, considering the fact
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that from the moment of conception the baby is a human, it is not the child’s fault nor the mother’s as she is a victim so, why punish the innocent child with death? I believe it is not fair to abort the baby even if the baby is a product of rape or incest.
All in all, I believe that abortion should not be legal. Unlike the author of this article, I believe that abortion should be illegal for any and all circumstances. Abortion should be illegal because at the moment of conception a human life is formed, he or she is a completely separate human from the mother, similarly having the same rights as the mother does. If killing a human being is illegal out of the womb, it should be illegal inside of the womb. In a medical emergency where the mother’s life is in danger, the solution is not to kill the baby, but rather try to save the mother and baby instead of choosing one life over another. Killing a human to save a human is still wrong because murder is wrong. Both men and women do have the right to do their bodies as they please although abortion affects not one body, but two human bodies; one of the bodies involved is unable to speak for his or herself, and no one has the right to take the life of another innocent human for any reason. A human being is formed from the moment the egg and sperm meet to make a zygote. Murdering a human outside of the womb is illegal why should it be legal inside the womb?

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